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School, Girls and You! Dating Do's and Don'ts, black and white segment banner
School, Girls and You!

It's the 1950's -- and strait-laced Everdale University is about to go "coed." In order to prepare it's student body for the onslaught of "females" on campus, the school presents this hard-hitting educational film. A pre-Pee Wee, PAUL REUBENS stars as Wally Bile, the "wrong way" role model and PATRICK MACNEE (The Avengers) is “health” professor, Dr. Bloom.

Written & Directed by David wechter
Produced by David Jablin

Joel Kenny (the right way) and Paul Reubens (the wrong way), black and white
Black and white still frame featuring PATRICK MACNEE as Ira Bloom
Black and white still frame featuring PAUL REUBENS
Sarah Torgov in School, Girls and You


Paul Reubens
paul reubens
Sarah Torgov
sarah torgov
Patrick Macnee
patrick macnee
Joel Kenny
joel kenny
Bonnie Urseth
bonnie urseth