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Tony Danza, John Ratzenberger, Frank Sivero, George Wendt, A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening segment banner

DANNY DEVITO writes and directs this tale of four goombas from Jersey who’ve been pulling painful practical jokes on the locals as long as anyone can remember. But one hot summer night down by the seashore, things go horribly wrong and the laugh ends up on them...

Greeting from the Jersey Shore, New Jersey postcard

Written & Directed by Danny devito
Produced by David Jablin


Tony Danza
tony danza
John Ratzenberger
john ratzenberger
George Wendt
george wendt
Robert Costanzo
robert costanzo
Vincent Schiavelli
vincent schiavelli
Charlie Stavola
charlie stavola
Frank Sivero
frank sivero
John Megna
john megna